Denise O'Connor began working
in silver five years ago upon the
urging of fellow HauteMetals
silversmith Cristina Lagnese. After
one class with Pat Falbo she was

An avid gardener, she draws much of
her inspiration from nature.  She also
has an affinity for sleek, simple
modern lines.  Since childhood,
Denise has had an interest in art glass
and gemstones and is always on the
hunt for unusual stones to use in her

A native Pittsburgher, Denise lives in
McCandless with her husband and
three children.

In addition to the HauteMetals
shows, Denise's work can be found at
local artisan shows, Gifted Hands in
Wexford and at her
Etsy storefront at

Denise is available
for commissioned
work. She can be
reached at