Hilde Munck is a talented glass
artisan who is relatively new to
silversmithing.  She started taking Pat
Falbo's classes a few years ago so that she
could make her beautiful handmade beads
into finished pieces of jewelry.

Her love of glass began in her childhood
which was spent in her native country of
Germany.  She grew up during World
War II when toys were a rare luxury.  Her
most prized possession were her brightly
colored marbles .

Hilde's unique style is bold and modern
vibrant colors and a distinctive
European flair.  Each one of her glass
creations is truly a small work of art.
Sometimes other HauteMetals silversmiths
incorporate  Hilde's glass in their work
since we cannot resist her gorgeous glass

Hilde's pieces can be found at all the
HauteMetals shows, at local artist markets
and at The Pittsburgh Glass Center where
she is very active.

Pittsburgh Glass Center